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“You did the homework?” I asked my nigga Jason.

“Nah, but I’m good. Missing one assignment aint shit.”

“Nigga I missed like five.”

“Oh yo ass about to fail.”

“Shut up nigga.”

“I’m just saying. Ms. Knowles don’t play that missing homework shit.” He said just as our English teacher Ms. Knowles came strutting back in the room.

“Damn.” I said to myself as I looked at her from head to toe. She had to be the baddest teacher I’ve ever seen. Matter of fact baddest woman period. She even put some of these damn students to sleep.

“Quit drooling nigga. All that fineness gonna leave your mind when she give that ass an F.”

“Shut up nigga.” I said as the bell rang.

“Put your homework in the bin. Answer the questions for the next chapter.” Ms. Knowles said without looking up from her computer. I tried to slide past everybody and out the door but I heard her voice.

“Christopher Brown stop right there.” I stopped and turned back around facing her. “Missed the assignment again?” She asked never looking up at me.

“Uh see what had happened was-“

“You got lazy and didn’t do it. No need to lie. Be here after your basketball practice.”


“Do you want to pass this class or not? Either show up or fail. It’s really up to you.”

“Fine I’ll be here.”

“I know. You can go now.” I sucked my teeth and left.


“Ms. Knowles?” I said when I walked in the classroom.

“Come in. Have a seat.” She said coming from the back of the class. I sat down and she stood in front of the desk.

“Okay look, I know I slack off but you can’t fail me.”

“Why not?”

“One, I’ll get kicked off the basketball team. Two, my mama would kill me.”

“So what should we do about that?”

“Extra credit work.”

“Extra credit huh?”

“Yes, I will do anything you need me to do. Just don’t fail me.” He nodded her head walking over to the door. She closed it, locked it then pull the shade that was over the window down.

“What are you doing?”

“You’ll do anything?”

“Yeah, I mean I can’t fail this class.” She nodded sitting on top of her desk crossing her legs that were on full display thanks to the pencil skirt she was wearing.

“Alright listen. Your grade depends on one things. Well two things actually.”

“Okay what?”

“One, you don’t tell anybody about this little extra credit session. You got me?”

“Yeah what’s the other one?”

“The second one if you give me a grade A fuck. You get an A. Get it.” When those words left her mouth my mouth dropped a little bit.

“Wait what?”

“I think you heard me Christopher.”

 She placed her feet on the floor then walked over to me swaying her thick hips from side to side. She reached up and pulled her clip out of her hair letting her long honey blonde hair fall well past her shoulders.

“I want you to fuck me. Don’t try and say you don’t want to. I see the way you look at me. I see you biting your lip every time I walk past. I see you eyeing me every chance you get. So why not get what you want?”

“You’re not playing right?” I asked and she let out a laugh before leaning down and kissing me.

“Do you think I’m playing? You gotta work for this grade. Or should I put in work?” She smirked undoing the buttons on the blouse she had on. She opened it revealing a black lace bra.

“You sure about this?”

“Very much so. Come on.” She bit her lip while I stood to my feet. She didn’t have to tell me again. It was about to be on.

Ms .Knowles

“God damn.” I let out softly as Christopher rotated his hips forward.

Right now I was over my desk with my back slightly arched while he pounded away. I’m not even gonna lie. He knew what he was doing. Not shocking but not what I expected.

I know a teacher fucking her student but hey get in where you fit in. And right now Christopher was fitting just right. The one thing that did shock me was how well junior was packing. He had to be doing damage to those little girls he messed around with.

“What’s my average now?”! He grunted pumping inside of me harder. His little ass thought he was cute. I got something for him though.

I bit my lip throwing my ass back on him. I could tell it threw him off guard at first but he caught up gripping my waist pumping harder.

“Shit!” I yelled when he brought his fingers to the front and started massaging my clit with his middle finger.

“The fuck is it!” He gritted as he roughly pumped his finger inside of me.

 I bit my lip to keep from smiling. Did he think his young ass had me nervous or scared? Granted the dick was good but this little boy just did not know.

“F boy!” I yelled before chuckling. I heard him let out a small chuckle before I felt a tight grip on the back of neck. He lifted my feet off the floor pulled out of me the turned me around.

“Really” He pushed me back on the desk then slammed himself into me without warning.

“Oh f-fuck! Damn boy!”

“Shut up!” He slapped my thigh hard as shit going harder.

“Shit! Fuck this shit u-up!” He pinned my legs down plowing harder. Right now this boy was touching my heart he was so deep. And I loved every fucking minute of it.

“What’s the grade?!” He yelled going harder.


“Now I think we can do better than that.” He said as his thumb came in contact with my clit. “What’s the grade?!

“Ahh shit! A! You get an A!” I screamed just as I felt my juices spill out with him filling the magnum he had on soon after.

“Shit.” I heard him grunt before pulling out. I caught my breath then sat up looking at him.

“So I really got an A?” He asked.

“Yes you get an A.” I fixed my clothes then grabbed my purse after putting my hair back up.

“Uh Ms. Knowles you’re forgetting something.” Chris said holding up the black lace boy shorts I had on before this little fiasco.

I took from his hands then kissed him on the lips.

“Next time you need extra credit make sure to tell me.” I stuffed the shorts into his back pocket then winked before making my way out of the classroom with a smile on my face. Worth it.

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